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Coffee and Tea

Everyone, young and old, loves to talk while sipping a hot cup of coffee or tea. Great conversation while relaxing and enjoying the company of your loved one, time is short so grab a cup of joe now and enjoy!

Below are several of our partners that bring the best in coffee and tea and best of all they are delivered right to your loved one's door.

Caregiver Store - Coffee and Tea Accessories up to 40% off and more!

Coffee and Tea Accessories
Coffee and Tea Accessories

The Coffee Taster's Club

Coffee and Tea from Amazon

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Cream & Sugar

Cream & Sugar

Another great companion to the Mikado and Senso teapot. A stylish cream and sugar set to beautifully match the teapots, cups and warmer - all accessories of the same line, and all designed to work wonderfully together. Dishwasher safe. Made in Germany.

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