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    Patricia "Patty" loves to cook and design floral arrangements, she owned a gift basket shop in Sarasota, Florida called "Treasured Baskets". Her husband, Jim, owned car dealerships in their home town and were big supporters of the University of Notre Dame and its football program.

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    Emergency facility contact phone numbers
    Facility Name Facility Number
    North Broward Hospital 954-111-2222
    Boca Medical Center 954-111-2222
    Dr. Grooms 954-111-2222
    Emergency services contact phone numbers
    Services Name Services Number
    Home Security 222-456-4444
    A1A Ambulance Service 345-234-1220
    My Pharmacy 333-444-5678
    Broward Sheriff Office 444-234-5678
    Mary Help of Christians 876-123-4567
    Emergency contacts phone numbers
    Name Number
    Daughter - Debbie 123-345-7865
    Daughter - Pam 770-111-1111
    Daughter - Kim 123-456-7890
    Son in law - John 345-789-1234

    What I need:

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    Husband: Jim Smith
    Home Town: Merrillville, Indiana
    Parents: William and Rose Chamberland
    Children: Pam, Kim and Debbie
    Grand Chidren: Daniel, Lauren, Jonathan, Alexia, Gavin, Cloie
    Birthday: October, 20th, 1930
    Anniversary: June 23rd, 1954
    Arts and Crafts: I love puzzels
    Author: John Grisham
    Shoes: Soft slipperssize 6
    Book Style : Mystery
    Flowers : Lilies and Orchids
    Care supplies : Adult female briefs size small
    Clothing : A warm sweater
    Coffee and Tea : Earl Grey Tea
    Health Care : Asprin baby
    Homewear : need a reading lamp
    Jewelery: I love pearls
    Meals, Food Delivery : Walmart Pickup
    Musicians : Frank, Dino, Sammy the Rat Pack
    Music Style : Big Bandmom
    Movie: Gone with the Wind
    Movie Type: Drama
    Perfume: Organza
    Pet: Dog Poodle
    Pet Name: Peaches the Poodle
    Sweets and Treats : Chocolate chip cookie
    Skin Lotion : Skin lotions for psoriasis
    Skin Care : eos - Lip Balm
    TV Show Type: : Family life
    TV Show(s): Little House on the Prairie

    Health Status:

    Health Item Results Notes


    146 pounds

    2 pounds gained


    5 feet 3 inches

    no changes

    Blood Pressure


    Normal Range

    Heart rate

    Regular 72

    nothing irregular

    *Notes : *Notes from Debbie: Mom/Patty seems to be healthy in all areas. I did however, noticed some slight bruising on her left forearm. Nothing serious and when I asked her what happened she responded that she "bumped into a thing". I have asked Sally, our caregiver, to keep an eye on the bruising and watch for any changes. For a detailed look at Patty's health status click the link below for more details.

    Medication as of:

    Name Dosage Time to take
    Zyprexa (Olanzapine) 1 time a day 30mg With Breakfast
    Ativan (Lorazepam) 2 a day 60mg 1 at lunch and 1 at dinner
    ARICEPT (Donepezil) 1 a day 45MG at dinner
    NAMENDA XR 1 a day 20mg before bed
    *Notes : Please follow the medication closely and make sure food is given to avoid an upset stomach.

    Allergy as of:

    Item Type Yes/No Allergy Notes
    Peanuts No Peanut allergy do not give
    *Notes : Mon is allergic to Peanuts or anything containing peanut or peanut bi products do not give her anything with peanuts.

    Nutrition as of:

    Food Type Yes/No Notes
    Apples yes Apples
    Yogurt Yes Likes Greek yogurt
    Soup Yes Loves Tomoato soup low sodimun
    *Notes : *Notes from Debbie: Mom/Patty is on a modified Heart Healthy diet, very low to no sodium, so watch packaged food for hidden sodium. Mom like very hot soup but you cannot serve it that way she will burn her mouth, warm only. If you act like it is very hot she will believe you. Also, watch for peanuts in any food item.