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    Patricia "Patty" loves to cook and design floral arrangements, she owned a gift basket shop in Sarasota, Florida called "Treasured Baskets". Her husband, Jim, owned car dealerships in their home town and were big supporters of the University of Notre Dame and its football program.

    Caregivers Store

    Caregivers Store

    Everything the caregiver needs to provide the best caregiving at super deep discounts!

    Care, Emergency Numbers, Research etc.

    Care, Services, and Research

    Books, Diet and Nutrition(meal and food delivery) Exercise, Forums, and Research.

    Entertainment, Games, etc.

    Entertainment and Games

    Fun and Games for the whole family, Today in History etc.

    Concierge and Gifts

    Concierge and Gifts

    Gifts for Me, Concierge Service, Gift of Care, Product and Services, etc.

    News and local businesses

    Videos, News, Transportation

    The Video Library, Local and Home Town News Papers on line, Transportation Services, etc.

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  • Family Pictures

    These are some of my favorite pictures

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    The photo album page is an online photo album where family, friends, and caregivers can upload old or current pictures that bring back memories or tell a story for everyone to enjoy. When visiting your loved one, you can sit and look at pictures that bring back memories of times long gone by or new ones like, a birthday party, family event, or your loved one's daily activity.

    My Family Pictures Album Features

    * Fun and Memories - pictures are fun and who doesn't to like to look at old pictures?

    * Photo tools - you can zoom in, zoom out, back up, go forward, and launch a full screen and other tools that allow you to control how you look at your posted photos.

    * Constant looping play back - this allows the caregiver to sit your loved one in front of a computer, laptop or tablet and watch the photos play over and over, allowing the caregiver to answer the door for a meal delivery service, do laundry, cleaning or other activity.

    * Shadowing - depending on the health state of your loved one, they may shadow you when you are in the kitchen preparing a meal, boiling water, knives, hot ovens and pans not a good situation. Sit them down and let them watch pictures while you break away for a few minutes.

    My Favorite Pictures


    Please upload family and friends pictures here.

    All uploaded pictures will be approved by the web site manager before posting